Who Am I


I am a Poet, Web Designer/Developer/Programmer and Workshop Leader for Neopoet

I want to thank you for visiting my page. I truly hope you enjoy my personal post and pictures as they give me great joy writing and uploading them. I am a poet. Writing poetry is a passion I’ve had for more than 30 years since my elementary school days. I started taking poetry writing in my college years when I entered my first poetry contest. Since then I’ve added photography as one of my hobbies. Poetry and pictures go so well together. When I write poetry I see pictures so, I go to my files to pick the latest pictures I’ve saved from my life experiences.

How I doing? I’ve been diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, vertigo, glaucoma, scoliosis with arthritis and bone spurs, I’ve been disabled since late forties. Fibromyalgia and severe headaches plague me. Family don’t understand in denial so that makes it harder and I’ve become chronically severely depressed because of it. I have chosen joy. The joy of pushing through and living my life regardless of my limited mobility. The joy of being myself and not what others think I think. I’d rather my SouthernWays over any other way denying me my freedom to Express Myself. Keep me from doing and living my dream according to God’s will in righteousness,obeying him not man as an imperfect person not always doing right but wanting, regretting wrong decisions striving to do what encourages and help others. “It’s not about me but what I can do to help someone else”.

What do I do? I work at Neopoet.com with established poets who have written and published books. They are my colleagues and friends around the world and we strive to develop a website poets can call their home. We strive to help each be the best poet we be. I am a Leader of Workshops and created blogs and workshops that are effective in bringing new ideas and poetry raining to members on the site.

Where am I? I am at a stage in my life where everything that I have done such as going to school majoring in Computer Specialist, Working online with great poets around the world, familiarizing my self with all social networking site, blog sites, and marketing affiliates. I’ve learned a lot and now ready to do great thing to make some else’s life a little brighter. Having a number of illnesses that keep me down but not out I’ve found striving to help other with what I have gives me joy.


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