Renga Poetry


Renga is Japanese linked poetry written in the form of tanka or series of tanka. The first three lines written by one writer and the other two lines comprised by another writer. A typical Renga sequence composed of about 35 stanzas written by about three poets in a single sitting.”

  • Tanka
  • Haiku
  • Senyru
  • Two Liner
  • That’s all needed to create a great “WordPress Renga Poem“. Choose a style from list above then leave your poem as a comment

    I will compose the poem into a “WordPress Renga Poem” with each participating poet’s name listed on bottom as Author and post here.

    This is a project I am experimenting with. I want to publish a Renga Poem book

    Neopoet Renga 4

    Heavenly sovereign
    Almighty rightfully rules
    Earthly citizen.

    Terrene rulership struggle
    Blue, red fight for sovereignty

    They lost their belief
    Because they refuse to see
    The goodness inside

    Walk now with purest feelings
    Of Unconditional love

    Till time comes we meet
    Those gone before us again
    On heavenly grounds

    One nation many faces
    Come together under God

    Snow circles windows
    A painting of dawn relief
    Night comes in quarters

    Munimented in our hearts
    And forever comes the drift

    Scrawled on windowsills
    Nails scratch crystalline etchings
    From our loved ones’ past

    The words cryptic to the mind
    Fluent in love’s shared language

    Nature holds our loved
    Nn memories and yet more
    Spirit parts of all

    Covered by soft drifting snow
    Purity coats our landscape

    A new day substance
    Smoothed the pure scene, of life’s dream
    I am clean, yes clean

    Can we just keep the pure snow?
    Life would be a gentle flow..

    Only tears of joy
    Life pure as the driven snow
    No more afflictions

    Chaste love kindness compassion
    Sunshine forever faces

    And new beginnings
    Dreamer’s visions created
    What our selves hope for

    Wander onto vision’s edge
    Look at clouds from both sides now

    I give you a rose
    To hold my love truthfully
    Also for your Loves

    Take it hold the perfect dream
    Stay true to all those around

    Summer down under
    Rainstorms are out of season
    Here in New England

    England waits, the flood subsides
    Wonder where it has all gone?

    England flushed it south
    That chanel rose, lost compose
    France has wet it’s pants

    Englanders sought roof’s refuge
    First responders propel boats


    Neopoet Renga 3

    It is time to find
    our tomorrow’s memories
    In today’s kisses

    no matter the day begone
    a first kiss eviternal

    as the sun does rise
    starlings call carries in wind
    land on peach dew lips

    early footprints clearly seen
    Inevitable arc trod

    clean sand to walk on
    our signature right here
    no one before us

    buoyant steps to journey so
    greetings overcome sorrow

    treasured dew drops form
    tipping new sunlight colour
    love streaming outward

    a vision of loveliness
    this kaleidoscopic view

    diamonds are skies
    harvest moon kisses blossom
    hang brightly the night

    spark upon a dignified
    sweet,angelic realm-a smile

    as velvet curtains
    dreams are draped over your form.
    till morning awakes

    alluring torrid whispers
    travels on into the dawn

    pumpkins carved out true
    a face makes you broadly smile
    teeth glow at night seen

    jack frost touches patterns fine
    wintertime is now soon due

    no time left to go
    fireworks light the skies with Ow!
    faces in firelight glow

    jack o’lantern bonfires flare
    Samhain shadows paid in full

    in the costumed shades
    do sundered spirits sparkle
    hairs stand up on neck

    as near the harvest beckons
    shores against the Winter’s cold

    Octoberfest nears
    November-feast approaches
    winter wonderland

    marshmallows roasting fireplace
    cold winter nights keeping warm


    Neopoet Renga 2

    Summer storms have passed
    autumn is on the doorstep
    falling leaves arrive

    Holding our sweet creamy dreams
    let them not shatter on floor

    Trust dreams quiescent
    muse remaining autumn scene
    more timely imbue

    Dreams of cluttered entrances
    pumpkin head scarecrows, cobwebs

    Meadows glowing gold
    harvest moon drifts slowly by
    sunsets of our dreams

    Cool evenings sweet serenade
    children kick the fallen leaves

    Adolescents roll
    windbreakers breaking dry leaves
    innocent first kiss

    To each glowing face anew
    the ancient song is playing

    Love the way you feel
    loving the way I'm feeling
    let love take us there

    Where sorrows have not a place
    where filicity prevails

    But falls harvest calls
    demeter's sorrowful search
    season of decline

    As hibernation soon wears
    our mother nature beauties

    Don't want to let go
    keeps me warm all seasons
    my love forever

    There is then reason for me
    to wait for the sun to rise

    That love is to me
    a fine inner glow that ties
    with truth no lies

    Sunshine with clouds passing by
    so real is my time with her

    Then evening covers
    both embracing out of view
    love just sneaking through

    Tempered feelings touch bliss
    abandonment with a kiss

    Style / type:
    Structured: Western

    Neopoet Renga 1

    Where world powers clash
    the heart of insomniacs
    overcome by dreams

    Peace was never in the plan
    even with the simple clans

    For who can find peace
    when both thoughts and battles rage
    among hearth and kin ?

    Mostly we learn from parents
    what is it the child learns then?

    No one lights their way
    in this world darkened by storms
    unknown right from wrong

    Fear with hate insidious
    learned from lightning strikes long past

    Mind in soggy dreams
    or breathing the fog between
    there is room for all

    I shall search loves memories
    I know you are safe inside

    Remember the dreams
    of many new vistas seen
    there to be with you

    Hidden mountainside cabin
    hearth warming conversation

    Shelter from unseen
    solace of the leeward face
    by the fire side

    Meanwhile fierce storms rage outside
    buffeting our private world

    Inner sunshine glow
    eyes at steamy window peer
    oblivious mood

    So we peer and fear what’s there
    until we simply must act

    Set for a new dream
    insomniac heart awake
    venture to the storm

    Tangled up in tree branches
    lightning strike blows me away

    Timeless energy
    seeking out the point of life
    feeds my wayward soul




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