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The New Moon is Out Tonight

how about those lightning bugs
aren’t out tonight
I stare into the darkness
for just a glimpse of one

the tall shadowy trees
under the starlight twinkles a little
with sparkles of light
I imagined they are fire bugs

but, I know it’s not them
just wishful thinking on my part
realizing the full moon no longer shines
so bright through my den’s window

the new moon is out tonight
and the only things shining bright
is the stars I wonder about in my mind
that forms andromeda and Pegasus




My Heart Needs a Home

lost unreachable
a lonely heart
lay wandering
lingered by the way side

awaits true love to come by
a fragile heart
needs a home



Monster Under My Bed

the house is dark
mom and dad are asleep
and I’m up watching tales of the script
people strangled by unseen hands
on the movie set

afraid and fearful of the unseen hands
I tiptoed through the dark house
pass mom and dad’s room back to my bedroom
where my sisters were sleeping quietly
in a regular bed shared by 4 girls looked so far away
from the door where I stood looking for monsters under my bed

look back at the kitchen off from my room
at the smell of dinner from the dishes in the sink
I held on to the door post preparing for sleep
but fear of unseen hands grabbing at my feet
from beneath the bed frightened me so

after standing there for a moment I grew tired
so, I ran tiptoeing as fast and quietly as I could toward the bed
as I got closer to the edge I stretched my arms forward
jumped high into the air landing rolling over toward my sleeping sisters
to see if they were awaken by my mighty pounce they were not
still fast asleep unaware of my fearsome moment in the dark

lying awake in the darkness I thought about the scary movie I just watched
reminisced about the tasty meal mama cooked earlier that evening
and wondered what tomorrow would be like when I woke up to morning light
as I slowly drifted to sleep afraid of the dark for the first time in my life

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