Incredible photos and video of world’s longest dreadlocks that are longer than a BUS

Longest black dreads in the world.

Incredible photos and video of world's longest dreadlocks that are longer than a BUS.

The first thing came to my mind was Black Repunzel. Her dread locked hair is more than fifty feet long. All natural. I considered dread lock. I even had my hair dreaded a few times, but couldn’t stick with it. I can’t see having that much hair hurting my neck and back.
I stuck with my natural hair braiding and twisting it cost a lot of money to keep it straight.

If I could have been successful 20 some years ago as a entrepreneur selling products designed for black hair in my community I would not have jump ship from straighteners and weaves so completely. I thought why should I be shut out of a business profiting from products that depend on me changing the texture of my hair. I figure if I can’t put money in my bank account as a retailer I’ll save what I can by spending less to fix my hair on things that make complete. I’m saying it’s my hair, so I get to decide who get successful making money on how I style my hair.

Plus anything more than natural products is damaging to my spunky natural hair. Some call it it nappy, peasy, knotty, but it just plain old spongy to me.
I believe being who you are, appreciating who you are, and accepting the features you were born with as natural beauty. It reflects who you are inside.

When your inner beauty can show, its more appealing and makes you transparent as individual.
I am comfortable in my skin and hair as a black woman of color.


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