Terrence Howard’s Ex Appears In Court With Black Eye, Asks For Restraining Order

Wow, Don’t hit us love us. I sported a bite cheek and it wasn’t pretty. Be individuals with individual ideas and point of views.

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Michelle Ghent (pictured below), reportedly hightailed it to court this week to get a restraining order against
Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard (pictured), but when she showed up, she was sporting a black eye, according to TMZ.

Previously, NewsOne reported that Howard and his ex lady-love took a trip to Costa Rica along with a few family members and allegedly got in to a verbal and physical fight with each other.

Ghent accused Howard of beating her up and giving her a black eye. On the other hand, Howard claims that Ghent maced him and his adult daughter plus another family member.  Though Costa Rican police were summoned to the war zone, no arrests were made but reports were filed.

michelle-ghent-court-tmz-31-300x291On Tuesday, Ghent appeared in an L.A. court with her black eye prominently displayed — sans shades — and was reportedly granted a restraining order against Howard, who cannot come within…

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Spike Lee Spazzes Out On TV Host while Promoting New Film [VIDEO]

Dang Spike Lee. FB has started a new way for ppl who can’t get to their dream to make it their. Investers miss the mark when FB came out public and they were disappointed when they couldn’t make money the Sratus Quo. I saw it then and it’s happening now. I can’t make any money yet. Gotta find a way to get paid like the rest., but sure like being online instead of TV, Satellite, and Cable networks I can’t afford on a disability income. I like to pick my news rather than be feed my news like an infant being feed green beans. Some like it that way and some don’t. Some prefer to choose news that appeal to their taste buds.

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spike lee kickstarter

When a Bloomberg television host opened her segment with Spike Lee on his Kickstarter campaign, saying that the famed directed was under fire over his financing approach, he didn’t take it too well.

Trish Regan of “Street Smart” started off the segment by saying, “Do the right thing. That’s what many are saying to Spike Lee as they call on the famed director to end his new Kickstarter campaign. Now, if you don’t know, Kickstarter is a website that…”

At this point, Lee cuts Regan off and criticizes her opening. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,” he said. “Why you open like that? Why would you open like that?”

Laughing off Lee’s interruption, Regan touched Lee on the shoulder and said, “We’re all about controversy here. We’ll let you answer here in a second. I just have to tell the people here what the Kickstarter thing is.”

Want to Keep Up With…

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Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo recall ground beef: E. coli risk – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |

Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo recall ground beef: E. coli risk – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |.

BiLo is my favorite store for buying fresh meats. Learning that people don’t wash there hands after taking a crap before handling meats is disturbing.

Don’t they know E. Coli kills!!! It will make you sick, can cause diarrhea, dehydration, and potentially kidney failure….

It is sickening ‘pun intended’ to know people who choose not to wash there hands after dumping in the potty…

And some people wonder why we cook foods stuff to death…
Kill the nasties before it kills you… Because people Will continue to ‘serve their body increments to unsuspecting diners… Whether in restaurant or supermarkets….

iPhones and iPads get hacked use charging docks


Your iPhone and iPad can be hacked by unscrupulous. I’m glad Lau did the research and Apple invited him to test it out on the IOS7 waiting release.

“A hacker with less-than-noble intentions can hide a computer in a charging device or a bigger object, like a music docking station. Once connected, it can generate its own provisional profile and gain access to both iPhones and iPads.

SIM Hack Can Expose Cell Phones to Crooks

A hacker also isn’t limited to a single device.

“There are Apple lounges with USB charging stations,” said Lau. “It’s a prime target that the [hacker] can use to reach many devices quickly.”

If a charging station has been tampered with, then the hacker can gain access to many phones very quickly.

Lau and his colleagues notified Apple about the security flaw shortly after their presentation was approved for Black Hat back in May. Apple invited them to test their hack on a beta version of iOS7, the newest version of the operating system that is yet to be released.

“The device will now ask if you want to trust the computer you plug it into,” said Lau.

However, Lau added that users might not know that the computer or peripheral they plugged into is an untrustworthy computer and can still be vulnerable to the hack.

“Fixes for the charger pairing vulnerability have been addressed in the latest beta of iOS7,” Tom Neumayer, a spokesman for Apple, told ABC News. “We would like to thank the researchers for their valuable input.”

Apple’s proactive effort to fix the bug surprised Lau.

“Most of the time, Apple just seems to not respond or pretend that there is no problem,” he said. “We demonstrated the weakness and it seems that, this time, they are really trying to do something.””

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