Cops: Cabbie fired assault rifle at woman he thought wasn’t goin – – Columbia, South Carolina |

Cops: Cabbie fired assault rifle at woman he thought wasn’t goin – – Columbia, South Carolina |.

What’s gonna happen next? Cab driver shoots at woman with assault rifle bc he thought she wasn’t going to pay him after an argument. These last days are really hard and people are literally suffering from temporary insanity. Assault Rifle for protection against people. How many bullets it takes to shut one woman up?

With these “stand your ground” laws used during arguments you can’t win is simply childish. It’s like a baby crying bc it can’t have his/her way. Instead of going to sleep the baby throws a terrible tantrum in the middle of the floor. Adult-like babies pull guns, and with force of frustration behind the trigger finger, fires a shot killing innocent people. Why not go to sleep, that is find your find peace and let it go. I rather pay fee, never use you again, never recommend you instead of insisting on perceive right just to die, let yourself be wrong says bible scriptures. I find leaving people alone is good for my health.

If everybody got a gun, like gun owners think, there would be no one standing. Guns are not the problem, people are. So, putting guns in hands of nut-cakes to relieve stress from losing an argument is the new terror on the horizon. Now we are face with being killed for what you feel and believe is a personal right or opinion expecting to have the last say on it. Oh well, take the last say and I take the last thought.

I learned in elementary school not to argue with people. Not to engage in conversation with people with the tendency to use bodily harm when cross. My awareness for how people view me has always been sharp, so to the point I’ve been called paranoid. After the going on in the earth today, being aware of how people view you is a must that will save your life later.

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