Crime moved up to east side to deluxe apartments in sky


Crime has moved up to the east side to deluxe departments in gated neighborhoods. Many adults have become so intolerant of young ppl cutting them down in their youth and calling it stand your ground. Gun owners say they don’t want their guns taken away with background checks. They say want right to protect their family from violence. So why violently unload legally owned guns into other families’ unarmed teens over loud music then cry stand your grown. Some with right to bare arms are becoming criminals like ones claim to protect themself and family against.

It’s seems to me that
Self defense is not enough for some anymore
Some ppl feel compelled to defend themself against aggravation?
Mostly against youths of the nation.

I would agree some youth are irritating, I see it, but I prefer stand my ground as responsible adult, instead of irresponsible, immature, losing control, emptying guns into teens walking, looking suspicious, playing loud music, instead of real criminals that make this world critically hard to deal with place to live.
2 Timothy 3:1-5.
I’m just saying

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