Finding a job


Finding a job today is nearly impossible. Unemployment is high among what I call the new unemployed. ‘Those wiped out by the recession’. Because the middle class has been devastated and is now making less than 50,000 a year is now among those paying more for their lot in life. They are the new middle class. Too rich for welfare and too poor to provide for their families substantially.

For the first time these individual’s credit scores are poor and they can no longer walk off the lot with a zero interest rate on a car loan, or low interest rate on a new mortgage, or the spending power to buy it outright. Why not change your financial situation for the better, help others do the same, and get paid every week for your efforts.

Go to Surfbarbarastyle and find out how you can change your lot in life with a job working from home that pays every week. Click on the link “Looking for Work” and watch a short 11 minutes video that explains a one of a kind opportunity that can change the lives of many unemployed of Americans.

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