The Summer Heat


The nighttime heat, summer is here,
It is so hot I can’t see clear,
My face the sweat do sting my eyes,
I cry dear sir please fix the air.

My clammy body brown stays wet,
My breathe is short as I do fret,
About the heat that makes me scream,
It’s hot in here!!! Please fix the air.

The unit quit some time ago,
The ceiling fan stop spinning, woe!
The fans in place can’t cool the house,
The doors and windows up, bring flies.

The furnace need to be replaced,
Five thousand grand is what they say,
But, who got that when they are poor,
Living on PJ sandwiches.

This summer heat I welcome home,
The winter cold stayed way too long,
I hate to whine about the heat,
But, death is bout to take me in.

I’m having fun with rhyming couplet and quatrains in meters.The style of writing I’m using is iambic tetrameter. I’m running a workshop “Collaborative Couplet Quatrains” at for those wanting to learn how to write in meters. I have a moderator whose really good with meters in poetry. It’s a challenge for me to learn meters, but challenge is good.

If you’d like to learn more, create an account, share your first poem if you like. Click the link go to the stream (home) or click go to workshop itself. Check out the one of a kind poetry workshop on the net.


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