iPhone verses Android


In my house I’m the only Apple fan. The kids prefer Android saying its cheaper and have lots of free apps and music. Though that sounds cool I prefer the Apple platform. The played with the Android platform but its not as user friendly to my creativity. The Cruz was a big is appointment I couldn’t play games like I could on the iPad. I haven’t tried the other tablets so they maybe better today like the galaxy. I don’t just wanna play games, listen to music, and use the apps. I wanna tell the Android what to do not do not just do what it’s capable of doing. Android phone works well with WordPress so I’m liking it better. It social networking is doing great. At one time I found Androids irritating when it couldn’t do what I was feeling at that moment.

These new techno gadget keeps me distracted from the negative vibes I get from people real or imagine. I finally know what I wanna be when I grow up (computer programmer/developer)
But, I still don’t know who or what I am. Interacting with people in social setting is awkward as squeezing a square into a circle or triangle.

My kids call me techno girl because I have gadget they never heard of.


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