Is The IRS Using Social Media To Help The Evonomy

Facebook and Twitter is in the news again. The IRS maybe using FB and TW as a tool to fix the economy. Cracking down on entrepreneurs that maybe fudging on their expenses by boasting, bragging, and exaggerations. Digital Trends reported that the IRS maybe be using Facebook and Twitter to catch tax evaders and tax payers that may fudge and boast on FB and TW about their vacations written off as a business trip on their taxes.

It’s tax season, and that means plugging away at all of this past year’s financial activities. Not every tax payer (or evader) in the U.S. will get flagged and audited. But if you do, here’s one piece of advice: Your social network activity better back up what you’ve submitted to the IRS or else you could be in a world of financial hurt, according to

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I’ve done this in my spiritual worship. When our children were youngsters, we went to Salisbury NC for our Spiritual Conventions. Since we couldn’t afford vacations on my husband wages we plan a year in advance to attend these spiritual event designed for spiritual encouragement and used them as vacations.

Twice a year we would attended these events out-of-state. Our four kids grew up going to these 2 day Special Assemblies and 3 day Conventions looking forward to hanging out with the other children by the pool. Doing this to avoid paying taxes never crossed our minds. We were poor so we got money from the IRS in income tax checks and not a bill to pay income tax like I did for the first time when I did good selling Avon.

Making money to support myself felt good. More so than struggling from pay check to pay check never having enough to pay bills and afford recreation of any kind. The kids grew up bored to death from lack of recreation that their friends enjoyed. It hurt me not to be able to give them what schoolmates and friends would brag about. I did my best and that’s makes me feel better. They got more than I got growing up.

In my opinion, going after those struggling to get their piece of the American Pie and leave alone those with 90% of the Pie won’t fix the economy. It’s simply limits their spending power. If the working class people have no spending how will revenues grow the economy. Imagine if only the wealthier is spending its 93% financial wealth on products for the poor working class with 7% with no spending power.

Everybody must spend money for the economy to work. The wealthier paying people enough to afford necessities and recreations. Storing up wealth in store houses only form dust and rust . While the bottom 80% with 7% of the financial wealth empty banks accounts form dust and rust.

The Bible says pay caesar things to caesar and God thing to God. So, paying our taxes is a Christian duty for everybody not just taxpayers fudging but also wealthier hiding money in tax shelters outside of US such as the Cayman Islands.

I’m not into politics but I do believe everybody being able to survive financially. Whether the IRS is using FB and TW as tools to collect taxes from tax evaders and expense fudges I don’t know. I can see from this article that bragging or exaggerating about you recreations can get you wiped out financially if you are a percentage of 93% – 43% paying taxes.


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