Assisting Hands Home Care And Transportation

This home care agency is non medical. It helps patients with health issues such as MS. I find this of interest because I have MS and suffered alone for years. My immediate family and friends saw me as lazy for years. I’ve been having major mobility problems for about 20 years been diagnosis with limited mobility three years ago and eventually MS two years ago.

My struggle to survive the challenged of having MS has been a hard one. But I’ve been determined to get through it regardless of family and friends pressures to get up off my lazy ‘a’ and do something. I’ve been very active as an entrepreneur. Without the support of family and friends it was more challenging to push on. The biggest disappointments? No matter what I did to prove to family and friends I’m trying, there nothing I could say or do to convince anyone I was sick and not complaint, falling, for attention would never get and never got.

My God, my poetry, and friends at Neopoet kept me going. These three never allowed me to give up no matter how hard it got. They listened to me, comforted me when I needed it the most. I can’t explain how hard its been to live through the last thirteen years alone with no one to call up just to talk. No one to understand my or stand in my shoes for a day. I had to put others first while I die a little everyday feeling unloved and friendless.

I felt neglected, taken for granted by those saying oh she always sad about something. Oh she is significant don’t pay her no concern. I never judged people, but was judged as a goody to shoe, Jesus little sister, you so righteous, harsh, etc. eventually my body and mental state gave out under the burden. I felt like an alien among happy smiling faces waiting for me to fall from grace. I’m still here living online trying to make a positive difference in people lives.

When my health gets to a point where I can no longer function independently I’m keeping Helping Hands Home Care And Transportation agency in mind because I can’t depend on people anymore to be my caretaker or help me when I need it.

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