What’s a Robocall


What is a robocall? Well, a robocall is a recorded message instead of a live person. I’ve gotten many messages a day from robocalls especially from debt collectors. They never say who they are and what they want. I’ve paid off 2 of my creditors from these call once I know who they are and what they want. There are those robocallers that when you answer the phone will treat you like nothing then expect you to do what you know you can’t do. Also if I can’t understand the caller with a foreign accent I would stay on the phone because they’re 3 things that make it hard to reconcile the debt.


It drives me up the wall when people don’t listen or can’t get it when I explain my circumstances. They are there for one reason and one reason only, to get you to do what is on that piece of paper in front of them, agreed to pay money you don’t have according to their accounting formula. No income mean just that no income, but they will harass you to the moon, Saturn, and back to earth to do something you’ll regret later, such as bounce checks, overdrawn accounts, etc.

Now that I know what a robocall is and what makes it illegal, I realize telemarketers can simply play on words that won’t actually be a sales message. I got these robocalls so much I don’t answer phone numbers I don’t know anymore. There are some casualties from this step, but most people know why people do it and usually don’t hold it against you. After all most everybody’s affected by this and other strategies like it.


Attitude is a second reason I would not talk to debt callers leaving robocalls. If I hear or feel a tone that’s distressing I’ll hang up because I want to be able to talk with the person on the phone for a positive outcome where both me and the caller is in agreement. I don’t lime being bullied so I learn to keep my stress level, anxiety, and distresses to a minimum. Learning to cope is a plus in this financially crippled economy.

    Outsourced jobs

The third and last issue I have with debtors attempting to collect unpaid debts through the robocalls when answered or even returning the call is businesses outsourcing of jobs. One of my required courses for Computer Science program is Economics. This was a fun class I like it and did well in it. We had to go online and research, such as, outsourcing work to china.

My research helped me to realized that credit cards companies for one, hire people from China in rooms who call Americans about their debts. I been denied a job all my adult life for reasons that have eluded me for 32 years. I’ve even been pushed out of the entrepreneur sales, flea markets, with exception of Avon by people who decided to gets to sell or get a job as some will tell you. They don’t seen to care or realize that everybody is not lazy but doing the best they can to offer for and raise their family the best they can.

Consumer Information says
You’ve probably gotten robocalls about candidates running for office, or charities asking for donations. These robocalls allowed. But if the recording is a sales message and you haven’t given your written permission to get calls from the company on the other end, the call is illegal. In addition to the phone calls being illegal, their pitch most likely is a scam.

Telemarketers are smarter than that. Even serious scammers won’t leave a robocall recorded message on your phone.The thing I hate the most is that I get to pay for these call on my cellphones. It’s all about money.They’ll get it out of you some how then still expect you to do the impossible or make it worse.

Why has robocalls spiked? The Federal Trade Comission say this is because of technology. Companies are using autodialers that can send thousands of phone calls a minute at a low-cost. Now that companies have go ahead to send calls to cellphones, I suppose we get low-cost tab when we pay for calls in our cellphone bill. I just don’t answer unknown calls.

I’m on the Do Not Call List, but FTC says those that don’t check to see who’s on a Do Not Call List is probably a scam, so if I answer one of these calls, I treat all phone messages as scam even if there’s a live voice on the other end.

I’ve seen all kinds of numbers on my phone. There is an unknown number that’s been calling my phone lately. After answering a couple of times with no one response on other end I simply don’t answer. Open, close, hanging up on call. The FTC is trying to track these calls down.

Robocallers fake the caller ID information that you see on your phone. That’s called caller ID spoofing — and new technology makes it very easy to do. In some cases, the fraudulent telemarketer may want you to think the call is from your bank, or another entity you’ve done business with. Sometimes, the telephone number may show up as “unknown” or “123456789.” Other times, the number is a real one belonging to someone who has no idea his or her number is being misused.

Robocallers often place the calls through internet technology that hides their location.

This has happen many times to me. Being a creative thinker, I quickly figure out what’s happening and stop answering all calls unless its part of my contact. If a call is going to be from some company I agreed to, I put it in my contact so I’ll know who it is.

What calls are permitted by the FTC? According to FTC,s consumer information, businesses contacting you to collect a debt is permitted. I have no issues with companies trying to collect their debts. I simply want them to treat me with dignity when they do call. I’ve had callers that were kind and let it go after hearing why I can’t possibly do what they are requiring.

Some prerecorded messages are permitted — for example, messages that are purely informational. That means you may receive calls to let you know your flight’s been cancelled, reminders about an appointment, or messages about a delayed school opening. But the business doing the calling isn’t allowed to promote the sale of any goods or services. Prerecorded messages from a business that is contacting you to collect a debt also are permitted, but messages offering to sell you services to reduce your debt are barred.

Other exceptions include political calls and calls from certain health care providers. For example, pharmacies are permitted to use prerecorded messages to provide prescription refill reminders. Prerecorded messages from banks, telephone carriers and charities also are exempt from these rules if the banks, carriers or charities make the calls themselves.

Knowledge is power and when knowledge is used in a dignified way peace is possible.


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