Writing on things you know nothing about

I am not the sharpest tool in the technology shed where blogs and articles get written daily. Inbound Marketing Blog on “Writing on things you know nothing about” has opened my eyes to websites I use for my research that unaccredited and no no’s for research that only make your content look amateur. I have used a couple in their short list. Learning is the key to success in the blog world is a plus. Read more tips for writing about things you know nothing about at Inbound Marketing Blog.

A short list of websites that are no-gos for your research quandary? We’ll start with Wikipedia, eHow and eZine and round it out with about.com and Yahoo! Answers. These websites are not reliable sources for information, especially on a topic that you’re already gun-shy about. Easy ways to tell if you can trust the content on a website include but are not limited to: the website represents a well-known and accredited company or brand (i.e., MayoClinic, Forbes, The New York, et al), lists an author as well as their credentials (try Googling the author’s name if you want more meat), and don’t ignore the suffix on the website’s address. Here’s a key if you don’t exactly know what the website suffixes mean:

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