What to do if you smartphone or iPad is stolen


When my iPad 2 stolen last year. I immediately reported it stolen. I called Apple gave them the serial # and other info they asked for. They gave me a reference #. Then police called Apple and got another number that would send a signal to their station when my iPad gets reactivated. I had remove all my iPad stuff to Apple iCloud, so none of my info could be accessed. After that I gave my Apple password to investigator and we watched my iPad being recharged for three days in some ones backyard.

After a week the signal left. I knew where my iPad was more than an hour away, but the police wouldn’t get it for me because the radius was 35 houses but the iPad was on property Lin between two house near the street sign. Yep I mapped my way to these people’s house Hwy by interstate by street right up to their front door like a google map. It was an upscale neighborhood with nice break homes, none I could afford to live in.

In conclusion, a few weeks later my iPad turned up in my yard soaking wet, mildew, screen cracked. It still worked when I turned it on, but severely damaged. Everything that was in my beautiful leopard print iPad cover was there even the twenty dollars in the compartments other papers. I have bought another iPad since then, but still have the stolen one. I plan to sell it on eBay for parts soon.

What do if your device is stolen

If your device stolen, file a police report as soon as possible and get a case number. Give police your device’s serial number if you have it, but you can give that information later by following up with your case number.

If your device registered with a tracking service, give the police any location pings and other information as it comes in, using your case number. If your tracking service can take photos with your device’s camera, pass those images along to police; even if they don’t show the face of someone using your device, they might give more information to help set up probable cause or location. Then, police can start a search. Just be aware that a location report doesn’t mean officers will sprint out of the nearest precinct Hollywood-style and race to the reported location with sirens wailing.

Some theft victims have used tracking services to retrieve stolen items on their own. (Here’s a particularly dramatic example from a Prey user.) Law enforcement representatives consistently advise victims not to put themselves in danger by going after stolen devices themselves.
“We absolutely discourage people from trying to retrieve the property on their own,” noted Sgt. West. “Property is not worth risking your life for.”

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/can-location-tracking-services-help-recover-your-stolen-smartphone-tablet-or-notebook/#ixzz2QIgyX95K
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