Stabilizing MS And My Life

Stabilizing MS and My life

I’m Learning to help stabilize my MS by eating and drinking heathy foods, herbs teas and fruit juices such as smoothies. I’m Taking antibiotics for bronchitis and I’ve noticed it took away much of the pain I feel may be caused by returning infection from gum disease that’d ruined my smile and ability to eat properly on right side of mouth.

I’ve wondered where my MS came from. After watching an episode of Dr. Oz talking about silver fillings and mercury be the cause of autoimmune diseases, it came to my mind it’s probably where I got MS. Nobody in my family has it. I am though the only one with a mouth full of silver fillings.

I’m standing better, feeling better, and walking better already after taking the bronchitis medicine. The medicine is a pink syrup, sweet and pleasant to take.

I took my last, twice day, spoonful of antibiotic this morning. I am feeling better than ever. No pain it’s been about two years of stressful excruciating pain. The worse part of bring in pain from some kinda infection for the third time is a supposed to be loving husband don’t believe I’m that sick and friends think I’m just show casing my cane for attention.

I would get help sooner of it wasn’t for him harassing and ridiculing me when Symptoms attack. Then he calls ppl tell lies so they will think I treat him so bad. When all he doing is making it impossible for me to have any friends. As he acts like a victim of his incredibly horrible wife. Ppl are real suckers if they believe because I’m speak with honesty and directness that I would do the things he claim.

I’m not and never was a spiteful person. What you see is what it is. There aren’t hidden motives behind my motives for doing anything. And I wish ppl would stay out of my business and stop telling me what I think, doing, and want. I know who I am and won’t change me because it don’t match your views of me.

I got Glaucoma and have trouble seeing. I got MS and have trouble walking. And anybody who believe otherwise and think I should put down the cane and stop perpetrating, stop saying oh I didn’t see you. I say to you hope you don’t get the same or worse. Stop judging and mind your own business. Worry about your health and not mine. It my personal choice to use a cane I don’t see where it s any of your business.

I keep up my health online by learning everything I can about MS and all the symptoms I experience on a daily base by eating healthy meals and snacks. Instead of medicine for diabetes, medicine for high blood pressure, medicine for high cholesterol, or any other lifestyle issues and diseases. No one need look haggard just because they sick, so stop hating and take control of your own life and stop meddling in mine. Love as I am not as you choose because I won’t conform to your idea of who I should. Peace ppl.

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