What is petabyte and teradata?


I’ve never heard of a petabyte or teradata” before tonight. Petabyte is about 1,000 Terabytes or one million Gigabytes of space. Teradata is a fully scalable relational database management system based on off-the-shelf symmetric multiprocessing technology combined with communication networking, connecting symmetric multiprocessing systems to form large parallel processing systems. It’s been around forever and companies like Apple, Wal-Mart, and eBay is requiring its services.

These companies make more products than the earth can hold. I took relational database, got an “A” passing in college a couple of years ago, but barely got by in oracle with a “C”. Oracle was and still is confusing, but I could get it if I wanted to work in that area, but I’d rather not lol. Too much brain power. I do find database exciting. cramming all that info and data on off-shelf warehouse.

Apple uses the data warehouse to get a better understanding of its customers across product groups. Every piece of identifiable information and iTunes interactions generate tons of data that go into the system so the company knows who’s who and what they’re up to.


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