Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull


Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull – – Columbia, South Carolina |.

Lewd sex act, I wonder about people and why they think its normal to be with animal. some ppl take love of animal to a whole another level. It ain’t normal and having sex in the yard in view of neighbors won’t ever be alright. Ppl wonder why animals rape little babies.

When animals get molested by humans, kids often are, they know not what they do when they attack other ppl sexually. When animals attack ppl, that’s instinct bc God put fear of man in animals for their own protection. Since ppl treat animals like and better than ppl, animals lose that natural fear they had for ppl.

If proper fear were there, animals wouldn’t need a home called fur to protect them from extreme weather when humans run for shelter under anything they can find to survive while waiting out the storm. If we try to live in mother nature’s elements we’ll sooner or later die from extreme heat or cold, insect or animals attacks from animals, where instincts are as its supposed to be.

Like ppl, animals get confuse or get signals crossed when they attack their care taker or over the top owners. There were domestic animals that didn’t harm their masters, but today ppl have crossed breed wild, untamed with domestic, tamed animals where their domestic part lives tame, but wild part manifest itself unsuspectingly, appearing, attacking, maiming and sometimes killing its victims. Animals that maim or kill, by bible account, says man must put animal down. Once the animal taste of blood is in its mouth will seek more and will kill more for the taste.

These are random thoughts that enter my mind from this disgusting conduct that the bible reports as bestiality.

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