The 10 Worst Hotels and Motels in America


Unbelievable. Quality Inn in Sumter gave us a room with no bed. We got a dining table and a few chairs. The front desk was rude trying to make hubby pay more by charging more than the online reservation. After pulling up his credit card we noticed she charged him for 2 rooms when he reserved only one. She refused to give him the room I reserved beforehand online which was handicapped assessable by request. It’s the worse stay ever and I won’t go back ever or recommend any one ever.

The kind manager refunded his credit card after realizing how disrespectfully and horribly rude she and staff treated him. To top it off another staff member got attitude with him bc her friend got caught charging another man’s room to my hubby card. Always check you receipt and credit card for discrepancies. WE found out later the man had our reserved room. She even put the man’s name on my hubby’s receipt refusing to listen when he said, that’s not my name, after she kept calling him by the man’s name. The last names were same, but not first-name. It’s the first thing I noticed as well as the overcharged price for the room when he handed me the receipt.

The breakfast was wonderful. We went back to the better hotel, Comfort Suites. Their breakfast had gotten better.. I supposed hubby won’t downgrade anymore hotels to save a dollar. I’m on AARP and I get good discounted price on-line for nicer, better, star-rated hotels. I look for deals, I gotta saved a dollar to afford some wants and recreation in life.


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