Why you don’t want your doctor to have ‘Blind Faith’ in Medicine.

Just January's Jargon

Health is a fragile state.  Fragility insulated by a ‘health’/’sick’ care ‘system’.  Systems are innately fraught with failure and loop holes that create more problems than they solve.

It is currently the week before Christmas but I am going to ask you to look back to the end of summer or September. Ranching is an active family life, no one sits around and everyone pitches in.  Sitting still is laden with guilt while others frequently work 12 plus hour days.  It is the life I was raised in and still frequently exist in.  My mother is an overactive 60 year old grandmother.  She is the primary care for a 4 and 7 year old.  She is the chief chef, house keeper, book keeper, brains and hired man for my brother who is now running the family business. She has had cancer twice and has been in remission since 2007  living…

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