Police: Pit bull abandoned in freezing temps – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |


Police: Pit bull abandoned in freezing temps – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |.

That’s why I don’t own, won’t own, or except a dog from anyone. Freezing temps? Dogs got fur to protect them from extreme weather. Abuse is a no-no I agree, but charging people who can’t take care dogs like the rich is crazy.

No need to call animal people they won’t come unless you go without food for a month to pay them to take off your hand. I don’t hate dogs, in fact, I like dogs I just don’t love them more than people. Kennels are full away. So you stuck with a dog you can’t care for properly, that is, care for like you do human babies.

Critical times we are living. Unreasonable expecting poor people to take dogs for checkups, pay veterinarians when you can’t take your own child to doctor because of no decent insurance. I heard a doctor say something better than nothing. I disagree, something pays for nothing and you still sick, but will go to jail, pay hundreds in fines to pay for dog hospitals and facility while people get turned away from the same care they expect you to give animals. As a child we did not care for dogs like we do people and dogs live to ripe old dogs years. Dogs from my childhood #shoopoo #sam, #ginger animal. I think over the top dog lover should foot the bill to care for animals like human babies. They got the doe the poor don’t.

With all that doe I see a world where pets, animals of all kind treated well. My grandmother’s boss-lady was an over the top cat lover. The cats live in her home till she die. She left them to my grandmother in the will with more than enough money for those precious cats to live out their days in an air-conditioned and heat controlled cat house in her back yard. They all died of old age with disease just like we do. #cancer, #blindness. They had healthcare just like all ppl should have but don’t. The neighbors astounded at how well the cats were cared for.

My grandmother didn’t care for cats that much, but she cared for them according to her late boss lady’s wishes. #Resting in peace my grandmother

People live in shelters call residential homes and animals carry shelters on their body’s call fur


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