South Carolina House defeats Medicaid expansion – – Columbia, South Carolina |


South Carolina House defeats Medicaid expansion – – Columbia, South Carolina |.

“What is Medicaid expansion?

Beginning in 2014, the health care law could bring up to 20 million additional people into the program, including many who have never had health insurance.”

Those unfortunate poor, sick slowly dying elderly is a travesty. Having to choose medicines and Dr. bills for healthy foods. We live longer, dye slowly, let me die in dignity not in poverty.

“Who are these 20 million people?
Most of them are low-income adults. Until now, low-income adults who aren’t disabled and who don’t have dependent children have been excluded from Medicaid unless the states in which they live have gotten special permission from the federal government to cover them. Seventeen states currently limit Medicaid coverage to parents with extremely low incomes.

Only eight states provide full Medicaid coverage to other low-income adults. Under the new health care law, the federal government will give a state more money if it covers everyone who’s not on Medicare and who has an income below 138 percent of the federal poverty level. In 2013, that’s $15,856 for an individual or $26,951 for a family of three.”

“Do people on Medicaid pay insurance premiums or other out-of-pocket expenses?
Some do, yes. States are allowed to charge some people premiums. They may also allow providers to collect copayments, deductibles and the like.”

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