iPad, meet Android: RemotePlay makes sharing media between mobile devices easy

Sounds super, my children prefer android over IOS. Mostly due to price. I like android products but tinkering with its technology is daunting. I found the iPad much funnier. I hoped to have had another iPhone by now but iPhones I believe is too expensive as iPhones cost doubles the least expensive iPad.

I can’t connect the hardware of the iPad and the android. I am finding out working with the two through web and mobile designing is liberating. I’m free to work with both. For example, blogging and designing on WordPress mobile platform I am free to share my technology ideas that make a difference in the word of ever evolving, revolutionary technology.

RemotePlay I will check it out for a while and see how my android phone and my iPad work together. Super ideas I stay challenged as I lay in my bed all day can’t leave the house unless someone comes get me and take me for a stroll through a life I used to struggle to fit in. I have no problem fitting in with my iPad and other online geeks like me.

I can’t follow a conversation but I can follow the new releases in technology. It’s like a new toy in my playpen call “Online Technology” Gotta love.

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