iPad, meet Android: RemotePlay makes sharing media between mobile devices easy

Sounds super, my children prefer android over IOS. Mostly due to price. I like android products but tinkering with its technology is daunting. I found the iPad much funnier. I hoped to have had another iPhone by now but iPhones I believe is too expensive as iPhones cost doubles the least expensive iPad.

I can’t connect the hardware of the iPad and the android. I am finding out working with the two through web and mobile designing is liberating. I’m free to work with both. For example, blogging and designing on WordPress mobile platform I am free to share my technology ideas that make a difference in the word of ever evolving, revolutionary technology.

RemotePlay I will check it out for a while and see how my android phone and my iPad work together. Super ideas I stay challenged as I lay in my bed all day can’t leave the house unless someone comes get me and take me for a stroll through a life I used to struggle to fit in. I have no problem fitting in with my iPad and other online geeks like me.

I can’t follow a conversation but I can follow the new releases in technology. It’s like a new toy in my playpen call “Online Technology” Gotta love.


This is neat: A new app called RemotePlay makes it easy to beam photos, music, videos and even documents from your mobile device to other devices in the same network. RemotePlay’s Android version launched on on Google (s GOOG) Play Thursday, and an iOS (s AAPL) version is close to being launched as well.

I had a chance to try both versions this week, and liked what I saw. Especially RemotePlay’s ability to bridge the divide between Android and iOS is impressive.

RemotePlay’s local group sharing features are intriguing as well: Want to show everyone in your home network the same photo or all your coworkers the same document? Then just share it with the RemotePlay app, and you’ll even be able to close it on their machines when you’re done talking about it.

Here’s a quick video demo of the app running on my iPad 2 and my Nexus…

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