Cellphone unlocking petition: White House says yes | VentureBeat

Cellphone unlocking petition: White House says yes | VentureBeat.

“The Obama Administration would support a range of approaches to addressing this issue, including narrow legislative fixes in the telecommunications space that make it clear: neither criminal law nor technological locks should prevent consumers from switching carriers when they are no longer bound by a service agreement or other obligation.”
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Sounds like a winner to me. Many cellphones and tablets lying around rendered useless because of illegal jailbreaks and locks. I don’t have cellular on my iPad because I always buy my iPad or tablet outright and choose not to buy from a cellular service provider. I like doing my own thing with who I choose to do it with at the time. With this legislative I’ll seriously think about purchasing my next iPad with cellular knowing I can obtain service with whom I choose.

I have ideas running around in my head on how I choose to used my smartphones, iPads, or other tablets. I even work online to make these software innovations possible. If my device can’t do what I want I move on to another that oping lose to what I want and work it always going back o the letters to see if caught up with me yet. Like Steve Jobs I vision a world of technology that can do what I see and want though others round me think it’s impossible and I am strange and need to live in reality the here and now.

I can’t live on the here and now because it is boring and mind dulling with the mundane things of life. I Need fresh new things to keep me from falling asleep while life past me by. This world is changing and technology is evolving every minute of the day.

Therefore, sitting back in a rocker watching the sunrise and set is not my way to die. Creating, inventing new technology, moving forward, never giving up is where death will find me.


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