Arkansas Woman Attempts to Flee Police on Power Wheels Toy Truck

29-year-old woman tries to escape police in a power wheels toy trunk. What was she on lol. I can’t imagine seeing this woman running from police on a toy power wheel truck. As people gets crazier, dangerous they also get funnier.

I always have my iPad with me and would have fumbled shamelessly trying to get a picture or video, doubling over in laughter, at this poor woman who obviously need some type of mental help.

This loveless world is molding people into unimaginable characters. Like a puppet master the Devil is putting on a show we are the puppets and the audience. Love is at an all time low and gets lower. it’s almost non-existence. If everybody loved their neighbors, their families as they should things like this may not happen or at least not as often.


Jamie Jeanette Craft crashed her 2001 Pontiac Grand Am into a mobile home on Sunday, and things only went downhill from there. Witnesses said the 29-year-old Arkansas woman, wearing a white sweatshirt but no shoes or pants, tried to flee the scene of the accident in a Power Wheels toy truck. Unsurprisingly, since the vehicles max out at around 5 mph, she was apprehended.

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According to local news station KAIT8, witnesses told the police that Craft attempted to flee after being confronted by the homeowners, but bystanders forced her out of the toy and called the police. Once on the scene, the cops gave an “irate and very intoxicated” Craft a breathalyzer test and found she had a blood alcohol level of .217, more than three times the legal limit. She was taken into custody, kicking and screaming, according to…

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