Bus driver, monitor charged after leaving boy, 5, on bus for hou – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |

Bus driver, monitor charged after leaving boy, 5, on bus for hou – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |.

A sleeping child left on bus for an hour before next bus driver took over route finding him sleeping in the back. Rules put in place for a reason and people must followed. This reminds me of the day when my son, four when, left home alone for two hours in the yard because no one was home. I was staying at the hospital with his older brother who had surgery while my spouse worked and two other kids in school.

The parent we left the kids with was late getting to school, so teacher put him on the bus. The bus driver dropped him off and didn’t wait to see if someone came to door. The whole time the neighbor saw him in the yard playing and didn’t remember we wasn’t home until the bus driver who came back 2 hours later pulled up and called him, from the swing he played on, to take him back to school where the approved parent was waiting about 2 hours for someone to listen to the fact that he was there to get my som.

Well, finally they called my two girls who stayed the night with him and his wife to verify who he was at the end of the school day finally. That still wasn’t enough. They called their dad at work to verify who his was and that he had permission to get our son and girls from school. Being our son turned out of school at 11:00 am from preschool that put up a red flag for my spouse that something was wrong.

Now upset my hubby job let him off early to find out what transpired that day. Rules are there for a reason and workers should always follow them when dealing with children, esp. Other people children. None of us are perfect and make mistakes from time to time. With that said walking to the back of an empty school bus day after day may be may be boring but rules are their for a reason not following them can cause unforeseen consequences.


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