Calif. woman dies after nurse refuses to do CPR – – Columbia, South Carolina |

Calif. woman dies after nurse refuses to do CPR – – Columbia, South Carolina |.

Sad as this story is I understand why the nurse did what she did. Going against company policy to save a human would have gotten her fired. People get fired all the time for doing the right thing. A job is hard to come by in the cold as ice hearted world. So, I understand why people would work for a company that put people in a position to watch a human being die in such an undignified way.

It sounds like a way to die without anybody getting in trouble for mercy killing or the stigma of suicide on the family, unless you did something to yourself to collapse in the first place. But anyway, what kind of heart would start a company with such a policy, I haven’t the vaguest. I remember it being illegal for people to stand around and let someone die because they refuse to do CPR for whatever reason, but it’s okay for qualified nurse to do the same because of some legal policy put in place. If that was a puppy 87 puppy years, would the nurse just let her die or would she try to find someone to help somehow? Would she even accept the job? anyone’s guess,,,,,, I haven’t a clue.

People spend lots of money on organizations trying saving animals and lots of money on independent living facilities whose policy is to wait for paramedic while you die in a heap of flesh sprawled on the floor. Undignified way to die. What will this world come up with next.


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