Microsoft sells Atlas Ad Platform to Facebook

Facebook And Microsoft strengthen their existing partnership when Microsoft sold it’s Atlas Ad Program to Facebook. I think investors may feel better about Facebook these days. Facebook is evolving before our eyes. Facebook went from Being just a place for family, friends, and new friends to hang out and keep in touch.

Without Facebook I would know nothing about my family in other pars of the country. we don’t call or write letter like we did back in the day. Email became the new way to keep in touch. Even then families didn’t say in touch like we do today.

Facebook has changed the world literally. Even grandma who know nothing about computers can keep in touch with grands. Now that Facebook has connected the world we are not so far away like back when I was young and family from DC would come visit and look like new money. Now they just Facebook, Skype, or whatever away.

Now that Facebook in moving into the ad advertising platform world I see mom and pop stores will be on Facebook. Instead going to the corner store we’ll be buying from the “Facebook Corner Store”.

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