Creative Writing 1


    1) Spring is calling me

    Dead trees come to life
    green foliage sprouting
    from grey branches

    Birds sing in tree tops
    tidying up old nests
    to lay her chicks eggs

    The smell of pine in the air
    sweet-smelling floral
    blooming from petals

    Wild blackberries mostly reds
    vines along my trailer’s edge
    Sweet and tart on my taste buds

    And pink thorny roses
    in my mom’s front yard
    pricked my finger’s touch

    2) Late nights

    Late at night wide awake
    working on my iPad
    Into the wee hours

    My son who never sleep
    back and forth to the kitchen
    footsteps softly in the darkness

    Package of Ramon noodles
    burning on the stove
    my eyes fill with smoke

    Cup of sweet tea
    table beside my bed
    a sip to cool these night sweats

    And my overheated cell phone
    Fell to the floors knocked over
    from where I placed my tea-cup

    3) You annoy me much
    He’s home from work
    always a bad attitude
    enters the room in no mood

    Throwing the mail on the bed
    complaining about something or another
    nothing important just not that serious

    Work boots the first to come off
    hot a steamy stinky socks
    enters my nasal passages

    Peanut butter cup Reese
    a piece offering I suppose
    devoured in an instant my favorite

    A hug so annoying
    as it has no meaning
    when vicious words flow later

    4) Baptism under the water

    Baptism by immersion
    warm water caress my body
    my eyes close to avoid water intrusion

    Water splashes around wet the floor
    people cheering applauding
    all around the baptismal pool

    Fresh water strong aroma
    travel up my nasal canal
    linger on my nostril hairs

    Water dripping from my face
    enters my mouth
    I gracefully spit it out

    The arms that dipped me
    Lifted me back up
    from my sinful death

    5) First grade in my classroom

    Chairs with desktops
    to many to count
    my first day of school

    The teacher with her ruler
    tapping on the desk
    saying take yours seat children

    Fresh air from a hoisted window
    aromatic sweet smell
    of honey-dew suckle

    Licking chalk from the board
    beating erases brush together
    spreading dusk everywhere

    Getting paper and pencil
    preparing to write
    our names and ABC’s

    6) Roscoe family german shepherd

    Roscoe a brown German shepherd
    Love able playful champ
    Watch dog protecting the yard day and night

    Barking loud and fierce
    At strangers venturing near
    My home my childhood years

    Raunchy out-door order
    Smelly mane unkept
    My brother soaking wet soapy water

    Nasty suds in my face
    Disgusting in my mouth
    Spitting ran into the house

    Pumping clean water from the well
    To clean my face and mouth
    Nice and cool a hot summer day

    7) 8 hours waiting to be seen by a doctor

    Many patients gathered around the office
    Waiting to hear the nurse call their name
    One suffers epileptic seizure fell to,the floor
    The doctor ran out to stabilize her before paramedics arrive

    Still sitting hours later to be seen by doctor
    I held my sweater close waiting for the doctor
    To call my name for Pete’s sake
    Before I croak in this uncomfortable chair

    The smell of coffee brewing took me by surprise
    On the table in the corner by the door
    Strong aroma filled the room
    Caught my attention

    A small cup to wet my thirst
    I stared at the pot percolating
    Cream and sugar I thought walking in that direction
    Hmmm tasty this’ll keep me awake until I’m called

    Ouch I burnt my lips
    Sipping the sweetness of the flavor
    On far side of office cool water soothe the pain
    Fro heat that scorched my pink tongue

    8) A monster under my bed

    the house is dark
    mom and dad are asleep
    and I’m up watching tales of the script
    people strangled by unseen hands
    on the movie set

    afraid and fearful of the unseen hands
    I tiptoed through the dark house
    pass mom and dad’s room back to my bedroom
    where my sisters were sleeping quietly
    in a regular bed shared by 4 girls looked so far away
    from the door where I stood looking for monsters under my bed

    I look back at the kitchen off from my room
    at the smell of dinner from the dishes in the sink
    I held on to the door post preparing for sleep
    but fear of unseen hands grabbing at my feet
    from beneath the bed frightened me so

    after standing there for a moment I grew tired
    so, I ran tiptoeing as fast and quietly as I could toward the bed
    as I got closer to the edge I stretched my arms forward
    jumped high into the air landing rolling over toward my sleeping sisters
    to see if they were awaken by my mighty pounce they were not
    still fast asleep unaware of my fearsome moment in the dark

    lying awake in the darkness I thought about the scary movie I just watched
    reminisced about the tasty meal mama cooked earlier that evening
    and wondered what tomorrow would be like when I woke up to morning light
    as I slowly drifted to sleep afraid of the dark for the first time in my life

    9) A sleeping giant who never snores

    late at night typing away on my iPad
    writing poetry blogging things that matters
    I hear growling in my left ear
    without a spoken word a gentle kick
    I nudge the sleeping giant

    the growling just gets louder and louder
    a firm elbow rocking him gently
    just didn’t do the trick
    the growling intensified a thousand in my head
    with grunts and snorts now irking nerves

    Fart, grunts, and snorts is ruining my peace
    disturbing my creative flow wee hours in the morning
    I yelled STOP THE SNORING that got the job done
    just to hear I’m not snoring from the awaken giant
    rolling over falling asleep again quiet at last

    a drink of water to cool my night sweats
    creativity flowing fresh through my mind
    typing away on my iPad until dawn
    the snoring that never is
    sounding off in the darkness once again

    10) At the top of the crab apple tree.

    in the summer of seventy-six
    crab apple hung high in the treetop
    some fell to the ground
    we ate all that wasn’t rotten

    my sister the tom boy
    climb to the top to get some more
    she threw them down to the ground
    we ate them up as quickly as we could

    she yell save me some don’t eat them all
    7 kids out of school for the summer
    with nothing to do but hunt for food to eat
    from the fruit trees and vines around our house

    mom came home from work with scolding words
    get down from that tree before you fall
    don’t let me catch up there again
    as quickly as she my sister jump from the treetop
    my younger brother right behind not as far up

    the smell of apples on my palms
    the feel of apple juice between my fingers
    off into the house I ran to wash up for supper
    hearing mammas voice come in the house
    it’s getting late out there


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