Is it okay to snoop in your teens business

I believe it’s okay to snoop in your teens business for three reason. The first reason is once your teen finds his or her independence you no longer have that bond with them where you know or think you know everything that’s happening in their lives. When I picked my kids up from school I would ask them how was your day at school. As they talked to me about what was happening to them I would share encouraging motherly words of comfort and advice making moments we would cherish forever. That was their primary and middle school years. This is the time when you should make those quality times lasting memories they won’t ever forget. During the summer months when school was out I planned spiritual activities preaching to our neighbors from door to door. By eleven or noon we’d stop for lunch. I would take them to McDonald’s and go by the Dollar General for a liter of soda because drink for five at McDonald’s was to expensive for my budget. I managed the kids candy business that how they got their spending money. And I sold Avon and other entrepreneur sales to help out being a stay at home mom. I would take them to the mall to browse or spend their spending money while I sat surfing the internet on my laptop.

The second reason I think it’s okay to snoop in your teens business is once your teens reach high school and start dating things change. They stop talking. They stop telling you what happening during their day. They will tell you the teacher don’t like them or the teacher just picking on them. As mothers do sometimes we take the kids side without talking to the teacher never finding out what the real problem is. Sometimes it’s the child, other times its their classmates, at other times it is the teacher. Since primary school the principle, teachers, and staff members knew me by name on sight. when I came to my kids primary school I heard the receptionist say here come trouble. I found it amusing. When my children complain I was in the teacher’s face. When the teacher called I was at the school. The principle called I was in his or her office. If that didn’t work the superintendent at the District direct office number in my speed dial. My knew my kids had discipline problems in school and I knew what was happening with them because I stayed in their business, the teacher’s business, the guidance counselor’s business, the principle’s business, and the superintendent’s business until all four were out of school graduated with diplomas with accept of one who has special needs. That’s a long story for another article.

The last reason I feel it’s okay to snoop in your teens business is kids sometimes live a life you have no knowledge of. Your teen’s life could be consumed with drugs, gangs, being bullied, or something worse. We would not want to be caught off guard with a phone call like the parent’s of troubled teens that killed innocent children at their schools. If you know what’s happening with your child at least you know you tried to help and is not blindsided by the tragic acts they may commit. You can talk to and try to head of any trouble they may find that will end their life suddenly. I never liked snooping in my kids room, but if I felt uneasy about something they are doing or not doing I would clean their room put everything in the middle of the floor and when they got home from school we would go through them throwing out what they weren’t using or no longer wanted. Spring cleaning I called it. It’s amazing how much you find out about your teens. I found stolen porn books from a video store that the manager, after confronting him, refused to own up as being from his store. There were many other object we found that told us what was happening with our teens. We dealt with them at the time until my teens decided at age 16 to move out before graduating. They moved with another family member who didn’t know minding your own business and raising your own children is more beneficial than giving my teens an option to escape discipline, not beating, and the house rules.

Most of all, if you don’t snoop in your teens business now you may raise a child to become an adult you may not recognized. All four of my adult children are people I know and recognize raising them to be the best they can. Without these three reasons I mentioned through out this article I would not have the love hate relationship I have now with my children. They hate my rules still today, but still come home for advice when they are sick, in trouble, or just need some motherly advice about life. So, I wholeheartedly feel it’s okay to snoop in your teens business.

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