Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick


Never getting sick was one of my stories for years. When raising my kids they never got sick during their school years In fact, I see some of the things I did back then mentioned in this article written by Alicia Potter at

When the kids classmates were out for sick days they were in school unscathed not even a sniffle. I accredit this to God looking out for us and God awarding and me learning everything I could about healthy foods and healthy ways so my family would be healthier as we grew older. Being a stay at home mom I able to focus on the well-being of my family and my self. It worked out well because the kids, all grown-up moving out and away, still call me or come back home to my healthy ways when the get sick like everybody else. My spouse avoided the stomach bugs also that sent his co-workers home over the years.

Being among the people who never get sick give me joy to know that after twenty-one years of marriage and raising four kids, with 5 grand-kids, I’m happy to share this article with my readers.


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