The point of all of this stuff — and even some of what we’re seeing in the enterprise IT world with startups like Ayasdi and BeyondCore — is that people don’t always know what they’re looking for or the right queries to enter to find it. If more information (or at least more relevant information) really is better, this should a welcome trend.


Call it “anticipatory computing,” or “information gravitation” or whatever you want, but it appears the future of search isn’t search at all. Rather, next-generation applications will surface the information we need when we need it — whether we know we need it or not.

And although there’s a semantic element to it, this is beyond the realm of semantic search. We’re talking about doing a video chat, sending an email or just surfing the web, and seeing relevant content appear before your eyes. Why? Because the web and, heck, even our laptops are so full of information we don’t always know what to look for or have the extra attention to devote to looking for it.

Most recently, I spoke with Christopher Eakins, CEO of a company called Grapple Data that wants to revolutionize desktop search. Presently, the company’s flagship product, called Aikin, is doing something similar to semantic search…

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