Pink gun mistaken for toy; 3-year-old killed – – Columbia, South Carolina |

Pink gun mistaken for toy; 3-year-old killed – – Columbia, South Carolina |.

People want the right to have guns, even whine about the right being taking away. They need to be more responsible with their guns.
When I was a child I took my dad pistol b/c some big animal was trying to knock down our door and get in one night while they out. There was 7 of us and everybody jump behind me being the oldest to protect them.

It went away finally and when mom and dad got home we told them what happen. They thought it was a dog and we was just scared. Well the next morning the door had scratches and weird looking footprints not like any dog.

So, next night dad sat out side on the porch to see anything come up in the yard. the next thing we know he came running in the house grab his shot gun ran back out a started shooting. we heard a bear cry. He said it look like a black hairy hog but, stood up on it’s two hind legs like a bear walking toward him. I could see where he ate up he farmer corn right off the stalk. Our house was surrounded with corn that year.

I was at least thirteen not three. Dad kept his gun away from us but, we knew where it was at least I did. Mama had her gun too. I did not know where hers was but, when it was time to protect us from prey whether human or animal she had her hands on it.

A pink pistol? why leave it around? Any child would think pink is fun to play with. Smh

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