Cops: Grandmother ended rowdy sleepover, told kids to walk home alone

Cops: Grandmother ended rowdy sleepover, told kids to walk home alone.

In this case, I would have called parents to come get your rowdy kids 4:30 in morning. The kids didn’t have respect for the grandmother acting as if have no home train. Now, I’m sure they don’t keep their parents up 4:30 in morning with all that racket. Oh well, I can’t sleep their parents not sleeping either.

The time for settling matters has ended, everybody wanna call police for everything. People don’t stop to think, they may need compassion one day and nobody will have it and friendships ended.

My point in a cold hard world is, “What you give boomerangs” and “when children have grown and left the nest they still be friends, but parents are ones left with hard feeling”.

Video of Grandmother with hard feeling.

Mother’s tend to get one side of the story from kids, I believe parents could at least call 71-year-old grandmother for an explanation before dialing 911.

In a close-knit neighborhood working families need each other to look out for their kids best interest. Who better than grand moms at home with nothing else to do. Parents with 911 fingers may wonder, will the other neighbors intervene when my rowdy kids behave or will they call police because I’m not there to handle situation.

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