Calamitous Blogging Mistakes


Not Actively Pitching Guest Posts
Guest posting is a powerful way for even the shyest bloggers to build alliances and positive SEO. Write really powerful content and offer it up to your peers. If it’s not good enough to publish on your own blog, don’t try and get it posted elsewhere. Set an attainable goal, which might be one post a week or two a month, and add it to your content calendar.

Check out Inbound Marketing Blog for more mistakes to avoid.

Being a new blogger, Inbound Marketing Blog has great blogs that has help me define myself. It aided me and will also other bloggers trying to find their distinct voice. I got a page a few years ago but, knew nothing about blogging. I knew very little about web developing and monetizing a blog. Blogs like inbound Marketing and WordPress bloggers here has brought years of registering and joining websites to and end. I’m now pulling all my years of taking in knowledge to my WordPress Platform and having fun doing it. I’ve crash my iPad so many times I lost count. WordPress is like a fun toy I’m trying to make it do what I want with my limited understanding of all the technology features available. Automatic probably wonder what in the world is she doing. lol. I appreciate one thing about WordPress that I hate about other websites, I try to develop my way, is not seeing ‘access denied’. Not seeing this error make me feel special. Hehe

Writing Only Snacks or Feasts
The meals and snacks method of alternating longer pieces of blog content with shorter pieces is only effective if you use both. If your content is less than 600 words on a regular basis, you could be losing your opportunity to reap the positive SEO benefits of blogging. If you’re exceeding 1200 words day after day, it might be time to fill your content calendar with some shorter bites.

I understand the more content the better and too much may drive away reader, especially those with tired eyes and short attention span like. I feel this way, why hurt your brain searching for something more to say than what you can muster. If I like something somebody wrote about, why rewrite it, just quote it and say what you feel about. I like searching for new interesting topic that grab my mind. I love to talk about what I find out about a subject so, I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to talk ‘BlogIt’ that’s why my blog called “BarbaraBlogsIt” When I write blogs readers either click like or not.

This bring me to unlike clicks. I hate them because I believe if you don’t like something give feedback or say nothing, don’t just demand site administrators to offer unlike clicks. Seeing unlike on my Facebook really irked me. I feel wanting other site members to see your unlike option is a cowardly way to communicate with people.

Blogging is the best thing ever happen to me. I just needed to understand how I fit as a blogger. To me Blogging is Talking This the reason I like “inbound marketing blog” and blogs like it. I’m learning to Talk Blog instead of talking people to sleep since age two.

Read more about Calamitous Blogging Mistakes at Inbound Marketing Blog.


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