Talking To Your Eye Doctor Get Healthier Eyes

20130131-001225.jpgRealAge offers a “Doctor’s Visit Guide” you can print out and take to your eye appointments. This way you can jot down any questions before your appointments. While at your appointments you write down information about your eye exams, treatment, etc. Click on the RealAge link to get a copy of the Guide and learn more how you can talk to your eye Doctor .

Tell your doc about your eye or vision symptoms.
Are you having trouble seeing or seeing clearly?
If so, what vision problems are you having (blurred or blocked vision, double vision, floaters, circles or halos, flashes of light, poor side vision, other)?
Do you feel pain or pressure in or around your eyes?
Are you having headaches or neck pain?
Do your eyes feel itchy, watery, burning, gritty, or dry?
Are you having drainage or redness around your eyes?
Are you having problems with tear production?


One thought on “Talking To Your Eye Doctor Get Healthier Eyes

  1. This is too funny, I went to the eye doctor just today for momentary ‘blurry vision.’ turns out its just an ‘optical nerve headache’ Or as I like to call, ‘eye headache’ .

    Great News. Mine not so great. I was diagnosis with Glaucoma in 2004 after complaining to doctors about blurry vision, eye pain, circles, you name it for years. I finally found one that didn’t say it was old aged. lol

    I’m legally blind in one eye 400/20 and holding in the other. I’d be totally blind in one eye like my dad, mom, and one brother, if I hadn’t kept complaining till I found a doctor that did a glaucoma test and found the culprit of my misery lol.

    Glad it turn out well for you.

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