BlackBerry New Platform Launches

Looks like the BlackBerry is coming back strong. It seem Microsoft is bringing the blackberry into their home. I never cared for the blackberry simply because of its keyboard is too small, but the BlackBerry Z10 is way different and more like the other smartphone. I still don’t get the feel for it, but would like to at least play with it a little to get a some kind of feel. The BlackBerry was the top phone for business back in day when I couldn’t afford a smartphone. The cheaper flip phones with its annoying mobile web was all phone I knew. I got my first smartphone, that wasn’t considered a real smartphone, was my day-view into the world of cellular data.

I have since experience real smartphones like the Android and iOS platform for the first time last year 2012 when I bought my first Android phone May 2012, iPhone in June 2012, and iPad August 2012. I love every moment learning all these platforms. Before last year everything I did was first on a desktop, then I upgrades to a laptop, now I’m totally focused on developing mobile devices.

I may get the BlackBerry Z10 and play with its new RIM platform. I don’t know yet, I’m still fascinated with the iPad, iPhone iOS, MAC operating system and all the new technology surrounding it. I haven’t played with Mac Computer yet so, I’m still trying to figure out how to afford one of them. Meanwhile, I’m still fascinated with Microsoft Surface Tablet/PC. Decisions, decisions and no money.

I gotta get a laptop ASAP because my old HP laptop is gone to the Computer Repairs man for $15. It was still good. I didn’t feel like repairing it because I want a new one haha. The Mac Air, yes, I”ll enjoy figuring out that system, updating, upgrading like I did on my desktops, laptops, smartphones, now my iPad. I’m looking to sell my iPad 2 for a bigger one. I’ve out grown my 16 GB. I hope to get a 64 GB with my portion of income tax money if things work out.

BlackBerry Z10 with New RIM Platform launched and I want to learn more about this platform. Read more about at Digital Trends.

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