Say Goodbye To Debit Card Fees


Paying $5 to use my debit card would be a serious concern for me. It makes no sense, to me, to charge people $5 for using their debit cards when it’s their money they are debiting out. Banks are the ones insisted on us using plastic money, ATM machines and all the money features available in the first place.

Back in my twenties writing checks was good enough for me. I reckon we saved countless trees going to plastic, but it only made more trash to process and a need for financial organization to pass the overhead cost to already struggling folks. I feel cash was best and still is in my opinion because old cash burns when its life in circulation has ended. Cash also need no recycling or filling up trash landfills that ruin the earth already taken over by heaps and heaps of useless products and gadgets. I believe debit card fees are just outrageous and unfair for to poor surviving this money hungry world.

The banks and merchants made it a big deal back in my prime years to make plastic money the way of the future, now wanna whine about the card holder made decision to use debit cards and not cash saying you should pay the fees. Outrageous. I’ll just discipline myself and use cash when I have it or do with out, buying only when its a necessity instead when I want.

Now that businesses are increasingly making payments and wages direct deposited a need, I hope the card holders not charge fees 20 years from now for choosing to have money direct deposited instead of mailed or paper checked. I wonder why an industry that create money-making ideas would cry about having to fund them because card holder cry about not wanting the extra burden of taking money from their hard earn low wages.

Saying goodbye to debit cards fees is a plus in your wallet because debit cards is just like cash in the wallet, but could quickly become a hole in a coat pocket if the cost to make and trash plastic gets transferred to the card holder. I don’t wanna be charge (cost + $5 + tax = total). Goods and services already overpriced and killing you financially.

I lean totally toward my interest in this situation and hold loyal to my financial well-being. You must give for you and your family necessities, such as food, shelter, clothing which is already hard for working class poor, disable, elderly, retired consumers. Certainly, I am content living within my means when I have means, but to have just enough to live poorly, eat unhealthy, shortening your life span is tragic in this corrupt, cold-hearted world fees driven financial system.

DailyFinance has a good article that help me to understand the fight over debit card fees.


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