Ransomware is Scareware


My son had this happen to him a few months ago in 2012. While on Facebook someone took possession of his Facebook main page and one of his other pages. Someone pretending to represent facebook scared him into believing his computer was full of malware and asked to remotely connect to his computer to show him. Well the FB rep showed more than 3,000 issues on his computer. Afterward, the FB rep told my son he charged a certain amount to remove the malware. Well, my son brought his computer to me and told me what was going on. He ask if I could fix it. I’m like, yes. So, I had him saved all files most important to him to a storage device, had it scan for viruses on another computer, scan that computer for viruses incase it got infected. Then I cleaned his computer. Couple hours later he was up and running on Facebook again.

While posting statuses on his facebook page his page went away and he could not get it back. After he kept coming to me with new issues I went to his room to see what was going on with his computer. After researching the errors he was getting and finding out he took picture of his ID and sent it to someone claiming to represent facebook, I was like ‘never do that again’. Right then and there I took his computer while talking sense to him and figured out how to get him past that stressing point i his life. His main page was hijack, kidnapped, and held for Ransomware. The they used Scareware to take total control of his computer.

There was nothing I could do to get his main page with majority of friends, work he was doing, so I reminded him of those saved on the jump drive and other computer and to let that page go. I told to tell his FB friends what happen. After he gave a picture of his ID he did get one of two pages taken back, but main page he couldn’t get back. So I blocked that page from all my pages, but would type in search box to see what it was doing for a few days. I told him he maybe able to create another account with new email address and start over. He is now up and running on Twitter and facebook with way more going on now in his music business that ever before.

After reading this article, I was reminded of this experience and had to share it. Read more about this not so new hacker tool Ransomware at itwire and Mark Russinovich’s technical blog

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