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Dr. Oz 10 Detox Foods For Losing Weight


I have a stubborn belly I need to turn into a six pack. Check out what Dr. Oz have in store for healthy conscience people like me and you who want to lose the weight, in my case, belly fat. I’m small frame girl with too much stomach so, hopefully these 10 Detox foods will take me back to the glory days of weighing 115 pounds size misses 4 body. Last I weight in I was still 150 pounds and down to size 8 from 14 pant and skirt size.

After taking medication “Remrom” my waistline went from 4 to 14 in two months. Three years later and lots of hard work I’m a 8. It is amazing how a small woman in her late forties who took pride in eating healthy and staying fit can lose her shape to a bottle of pills.

It would’t be so bad if losing the weight in my mid section was easy, and doctor didn’t treat me like a lazy couch potato. In fact, I was very active, going to school, but nothing I said was taken serious so, I had to go to the internet to learn why my mid went south and what I needed to do to bring it back north. I’m still learning, applying what I know as this stubborn fat gradually vanish.


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