Sex Offenders Have Right To FaceBook

“An appeals court in Chicago has ruled that Indiana’s ban on sex offenders using social media is unjust and potentially in breach of the First Amendment.” Now that we will be sharing social media like facebook with sex offender I figure there will be restriction put on them. I think if sex offender are registered on facebook as a sex offender just like they are in our towns, I reckon we will know who they are on facebook and choose not to befriend or like their pages.

I like the ease of using my facebook page and don’t want to jump through hoops like I did on Myspace. So, if there is a “Sex Offender Facebook” register then any can check to see who they are just like you do in your home town. Those who are not registered and found out to be so should not have access to a page. They have right to social media and we have right to know who they are.

I think implementations on social media like facebook to protect the innocent from the devious should be priority over the rights of those who chose to harm the unsuspecting.
Read more at Digital Trends.

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