2 Year-Old Shot Himself To Death With Sheriff Gun

Family of SC toddler suing sheriff's department – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |.

Many cry, complain about legislation taking away their right to bear arms. Some say they ned to protect their families. Today we see many be killed by mass murderers using their right to bear arms to destroy lives of innocent children. Then there are those who are careless and irresponsible, with their right to bear arms, that they kill their own family by neglectfully leaving guns where young one accidentally kill them self or someone else.

My weapon for protection is God’s word the Bible and he (God) handles all the rest. While guns destroy lives Spiritual Gems from the Bible accurately with special training targets the heart and like a sharp two-edge sword changes for the better, lives of those who choose to apply it’s knowledge in their own lives.

We can’t change other people, but we can change who we are for the better. If there were a Bible on that table instead of a gun this 2 year old would be here with his family and this sheriff would still have his job. People are imperfect and make mistake so we forgive because we want the same return to us if God forbid we should end up in a tragic life like these two families.

My grand daughter 3 years old picked up my Bible lying on the bed. Playfully she pretended to read it, held her head up high, and prayed to God. She has no clue what she was doing. She did what she see us doing. Children today see guns being handled on television so when they see a gun lying around they will most likely want to imitate what they see just as my grand daughter imitated what she saw us do with the Bible.


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