PC Desktop Dying Or Being Rebirth

I think laptops are replacing desktops. Laptops can do basically everything the desktop do. Laptops are losing sales to the tablet so, I see the desktop, as we know it today, I think is dying, but I imagine Microsoft PC tablet computer as desktop model. I see it replacing traditional desktops, as easier handling when moving.

On one of my selfish venture, I went on a, so called, running away from the family trip out of town, all I needed was my car, a blanket, pillow, cellphone, laptop, online bank account, and money for food and gas and slept in my car. It was a over night trip to a Mcdonald in another town. Free wifi who can ask for more than that. The next morning I got some Mac Breakfast with coffee, sat in the Mcdonald to finished my online class courses before returning home the next evening. They made me feel like I wasn’t needed so I figure why not travel the world before It’s too late. Hehe I was fifteen minutes away.

The Laptop PC I think may become bigger in size over time more so than the tablet. That’s because variety of way tablets can be used. I see tablets being used more so by aging popular to bring them into the world of computers and the Internet, so staying small and light I think is a plus because my weak arms and hands can handle with ease. For example the Kindle fire is perfect for my tiny female hand, but the iPad Mini is too big and awkward. I must hold the iPad Mini like my iPad2 for any kind of hand comfort. The iPad is my preference over the Android which is, capable I suppose, perfect for my limited mobility, my low vision due to glaucoma gives me my ability to enjoy my life on my iPad tablet immensely.

I can see maybe the PC desktop rebirth by Microsoft since they are revolutionizing the PC/Tablet computer.

Read more about the history of the desktop and how we got here at Digital Trends


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