Michelle Eye Rolling At Inaugraul Dinner

First Lady rolls her eyes at House Speaker Beohner at Inaugural Dinner. Her eyes danced as women of color naturally do without even realizing it. I should know, I’ve been chastised by my dad for years since a little child about rolling my eyes at him. I never knew I did that and didn’t believe it. He told me I had a wicked laugh I didn’t believe it either.

I had to be shown at the moment I did it to see it. I was surprised. I meditated immediately searching my thoughts to find out why I smile when I disagree with people. I found out to keep from mouthing off with my dad, out of respect, was my unconscious motive. I suppose eye rolling for the same reason.

Since my dad hates both I just say what I mean if he don’t like it well he hates it less than eye rolling and my so-called wicked smile. I don’t think its wicked. It more like a smile in place of a smart mouth. He seem to appreciate my honesty in speech. I learn a social skill here hmn I’m reckoning.

Take a look at the infamous video of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at Inaugural Dinner. Her eye dancing in her head speaks volumes.

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