Man Sues Wife For Having Ugly Baby

Unbelievable, a man wins $100,000 lawsuit against his wife for having an ugly baby that horrified him. Poor child I can only imagine how the child will be affect when it finds out the nature of is birth.

Being dishonest before marrying your mate can costly. It cost a korean woman $200,000 in cosmetic surgery to make herself beautiful finding a husband who would not have married her having a child that probably look like her before her surgery. They didn’t show baby which I think is a good thing. Why put baby through that.

I am not the prettiest of them all in my family. In school I picked on called ugly as a rock after a song that was popular back then. It didn’t make me feel any less about myself. What God gave me is what I embraced. Those who teased me back in school wanted to date me after graduating when I came in to my self beauty, but that was a no, no. I carried myself with dignity never settling for what my dad calls wooden nickels. People who consider them self ugly do find love. so I don’t think she needed to go as far as having cosmetic surgery to find love.

Beauty on the inside shows on the outside when you are confident and comfortable with who you are. When a man sues his wife for having an ugly baby gotta hurt a woman more than anything I can think of. All I can say is be true to you and love yourself. If you don’t who else gonna love you. In her case her husband’s love left the moment he realized she was not the beauty he thought she was. Secrets only destroy what you think you have but really don’t.

Read more about this unbelievable story and see the before and after picture of the lady at


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