Beyonce Lip Sync National Anthem

I don’t see the big deal about Beyoncé lip syncing her own song. I’m sure she recorded her vocals before going out there. It’s not like she lip sync to someone else’s track. At least I don’t think so.

My two sons sing rap, wrote their own song and sang them in a talent show at my college couple of years ago. They lip sync their own song. My youngest son, of four children, explained it this way. He said, you must help your voice out. All that singing rough on your voice. The crowd loved them. There was no prizes involve just recognition. I read my poetry, we had a marvelous time.

Getting back to Beyoncé lip sync. It was cold out there. It was in the thirties I read. So, sync you heart out if you need to. Without the track to give you a break, I feel, its vocal suicide. It could cause throat cancer or something, never know. Bey is a lovely girl with superstar vocals, I believe she just trying to keep her beautiful voice healthy for years to come. As we age our bodies go through changes we never think about when we are young and in our prime feeling invincible.

As for people who sync thinking they can sing when they can’t is tragic especially when some well-meaning love one lie to the poor souls telling them they had talent to be a superstar like Beyoncé. In reality they set their love ones up to provoke those they try to entertain to criticisms meant to be fair and honest, but hurt like a knife to the gut.

If brain busters caught syncing with voice of stardom and found to be syncing it, you got a story I can run with. I will, of course, feel for the poor soul, but stardom, I believe is for superstars like Beyoncé and other like her. Not every one with stardom voice is as popular as she is, such as Kelly Rowland, but Kelly is still a star with the gift of a magnificent voice.

Read more about Beyoncé lip sync National Anthem at MSN Today.


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