Norovirus Stomach Bug Spreading

Mercy , the Norovirus stomach bug, I’m just now winding down from influenza after almost three months of water, chicken soup ‘my style’, the phlegm is disgusting and relentless and now a new virus.

Oh my my my I think these flu vaccine finally caught up with us. giving people flu to get rid of flu. Eat some italian chicken soup people. This flu is not affected by hand sanitizer. Only soap and water to wash your hands, bleach-based cleaner to disinfect surfaces.

I never had flu shots. I get common cold and flu more now after these infected flu virus recipient cough on people spewing nasty virus in the air. Vaccines worked back in the early 20th century, but it is the 21st century and mutated virus from all these antibiotics and flu vaccines is wiping us out with a simple cold that could be cured with the stuff mama used back in the day and it cost no more than what it cost to fill your buggy with healthy foods and herbs teas from the Mother Earth.

I never got the flu, my kids never got the flu when they were kids and teens. Now everybody got, get the flu.

What do I do to get pass the flu?

  • keep my hands wash
  • change my tooth brush once the flu passes
  • wash my bed linen
  • eat plenty of my homemade italian chicken soul
  • spray area with lysol spray
  • plenty of water
  • plenty of rest
  • I had the swine flu about two three months and didn’t know it. My spouse was home for two month from work with the swine flu, but wasn’t told it was swine, he says. I was baby-siting my grand who kept passing it back and fourth from me to their mommy who was home a few days with swine flu. Me disable and can’t work, and the grands was shut up in my room of sickness and spouse was shut up in our bedroom. Once I felt a little better I bought some new sheet, washed all my bed linen, spray everything with Lysol and follow my ritual listed above and it went and stayed and stayed in be with grand shut up with me. That was last year. Me and grands was last to recover and my spouse and kids mother went back o work.

    This year its the influenza. I never went to doctor or hospital as they are full to capacity with sick people. I rather be home sick after my three grandkids, 1 month old, 3 month old, and 2 years old and my daughter 22 year old daughter suffered miserably with nasty hacking phlegm taking over our bodies. We cough up and spit for months, it still is but dwindling and its not as bad at the moment. The last thing we need is the Norovirus stomach bug. I found herb teas to cleanse the blood works. It’s what got virus pass through our system via bowel moment.

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