iPad Slips At Feet Of iPad Mini


I have an iPad 2 and loving it. I got an offer to sell it today. I think I will Because I want a heavier duty 32 or 64 GB iPad for all my web developing needs. If the iPad Mini is equally or more capable than the iPad 2 I will certainly sell my iPad 2 for the iPad Mini.

Fourth quarter sales for the iPad is not matching up and iPad Mini sales is increasing. I will be researching more and reading reviews on the iPad Mini as I ponder a new iPad over the next several weeks.

Digital Trends have more on iPad sales possibly slipping as demands shifts to iPad Mini


One thought on “iPad Slips At Feet Of iPad Mini

  1. I have the iPad 3 and and iPad mini. The 64gb iPad 3 is great but I LOVE how light and compact my iPad mini is. In fact, I know only use my iPad 3 for watching movies (and sometimes for browsing the net).

    I meant to write a review on my blog about the iPad mini but just haven’t had a chance to. I probably will write one soon.

    Thanks for the testimony. I think I only need one iPad 3 or iPad Min. Is there a difference in comparison as far as surfing net or developing blogs as pages here on WordPress?

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