Menopause In Men Real

There’s been many studies on Menopause in women. Is male menopause real? Studies show “women experience a sudden drop in hormones that signals a change in their ability to reproduce, with male menopause the result is a gradual decline in testosterone. Because it happens slowly (over a period of years), the symptoms of male menopause (e.g., fatigue, sluggish sex drive, irritability, depression, muscle loss, and erectile dysfunction) may be subtle and hard to detect.

Testosterone levels fall naturally as we age — on average, about 1% a year after age 30. That means that by the time you reach 70, your testosterone level may have dropped by half from its peak. Though aging is the main cause of Low T, other conditions and medications, such as testicular cancer, a scrotum injury, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and mumps, are all possible culprits.”

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