Aging Brain More Prone To Scams


Are aging brains more prone to scam? Studies show we are less suspicious as we aged. “According to researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, age-related brain changes may make us less able to recognize shifty, suspicious-looking facial expressions. The two studies, published last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, are the first to find that the aging brain sends out fewer warning signs about untrustworthy people than the brains of younger adults”

I have always been suspicious of everybody since childhood. As I grew older my suspicions of people was at its peak. I couldn’t interact with people or make friends because of it. In my teenage years it got so bad I withdrew from my family emotionally and return to my universe where I lived most of my life as a kid from about two years old as far as I remember.

I remember my sister 1 year 2 months to the date younger than me crawling and climbing everything in sight, not yet walking. I just observed her. I remember many things my parent didn’t think I remember, mostly negative by the way. There were good times also but believe the negative is what shaped me.

Both my parents abused alcohol at time so life was for us kids never boring as mama and daddy fight like crazy. My dad beat my uncle for cursing at my grandma and calling her terrible names. My childhood wasn’t as pretty as my spouse describes his childhood. But we weren’t beaten, or physically abuse so I have much to be thankful for.

Daddy made sure our bellies weren’t empty and new shoes on our feet. Mama made sure we had decent clothing to wear always handy downs and all the negative tones that came not having the latest. She did her best for us and that’s all that matters.

As I age I can’t say My suspiciousness diminished any. If anything it’s worse. Facial expressions whether shifty or honest always eluded me. I can’t figure people out. I’m 99% wrong, so I go with what I feel. It’s an overwhelming sensation at times and it make people avoid me even well-meaning people can’t gain my full trust because at any given time I back away feeling something negative, but not knowing what it is. I’m overly sensitive about offending people so I stay slipping away into my universe until negative issues subsides whenever someone attempts to reach out to me. I love people, but hate not being able to interact like normal people.

My scam warning and danger warning maybe supercharged, but I figure it’s better to lose out on a good deal than get into trouble you can’t get out of. I’m 52 now so my scam warning may diminish by age 60 as studies show.

Read more about “Aging Brain Make You More Prone to Scams?” at this link.


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